When people began to use social networks, the first impression was that these networks are essentially used for fun. On social networking sites, people can meet other people, and make new friends, but it soon became clear those sites could also be used for professional networking as well. People may share their ideas, find jobs and projects, and they can make new contacts. Twitter is without a doubt one of the most popular social networks. It has very quickly become one of the favorites for many users around the globe. Twitter can also be used for professional networking.


Find People in Your Line of Business

A great place to start is by searching specific people in your area of expertise. There are many of them for sure, and if you would like to follow them, simply find their accounts. In most cases, a Twitter search will be enough, especially if those people are celebrities. If you cannot find a specific person, look for them on other social networking sites, such as:

• LinkedIn
• Zerply
• Focus

Once you find them there, check if they have listed other accounts they have, because you will probably find their Twitter account as well.


Find Significant People You Should Follow

You can search Twitter by typing specific keywords that are related to your own business. As a result, you will see recent tweets by others on certain topics you may be interested in. Check out the profiles of those who wrote the tweets, and follow them. Make sure to repeat this simple step every few days, because remember, people don’t write posts and buy twitter followers all day long.


Retweeted Posts

When following people, you will often see posts they retweeted from other users. If the post is interesting to you, and significant for your business, see who wrote it. Follow that person, because it may be an excellent source of information.


Check the Following Lists of Other People

When you follow someone who tweets about the topics you are interested in, make sure to check out their following list. That way, you will have more sources, because one good source usually follows more great sources. Check these lists from time to time, since one source can get new ones the next day.


The Interaction of Those You are Following

It is very important to check if the people you follow actually interact with others. If that is not the case, the profile may be just an automatic tweet bot. Following them is not productive at all, it is just a waste of time.



After some period of time, when you have a list of those you follow, and those who follow you, participate in the Twitter community. The best place to start is by answering a particular question someone has, if you know what they need.

Twitter has many advantages. You can find people helpful for your business. Moreover, you can approach some people that are normally “out of your reach”. Twitter has helped many people in their professional development, which is why you should be a part of the network.